High speed Wireless broadband Internet Access

Wireless Broadband is taking the area by storm. Wireless Broadband speeds are more comparable to speeds of fiber than compared to DSL and / or Cable Internet services. Click here for a site survey to verify coverage in your area.  If your area is not currently covered, please follow this link and fill out our small information form to tell us more about your location.  You just may be surprised!

All accounts require the installation of a Client Device to receive reception from one of our broadcast towers.
In order to keep our monthly rates low, the initial installation of the client device requires a one time charge.  There are no monthly rental fees or lease charges.  We can offer a Client Device leasing plan for special circumstances.  No contracts required for Residential Services!  You may view our Service Agreement "here".

Residential Wireless plans:

    Speeds listed as up to: Download / Upload

        1.5Mbps Down / 1.5Mbps Up - $29.99
        3.0Mbps Down / 1.5Mbps Up - $39.99
        5.0Mbps Down / 3.0Mbps Up - $59.99
        7.0Mbps Down / 3.0Mbps Up - $79.99
        12Mbps Down  / 6.0Mbps Up - Call Us!       

 All rates are monthly and No Contracts to sign! Custom Plans are available to suit many needs.
 Please Call us at (541) 471-0142 for details or questions!

All plans include: internet access, email accounts, web space, and discount offers on other services.
Plan 1 comes with up to 5-email accounts.  Plans 2 & 3 come with up to 15-email accounts and
Plan 4 with up to 20-email accounts.  Only 1 web space account per account.  Static Public IP addresses
are available on plans 3-4.  Server account options available to Plan 3, 4 and Business accounts only.

Users participating in file sharing must follow all State, Federal and Copyright Laws.

Business Access & connectivity

Empower your business with Speed!

Business Class Wireless Internet Access:

            Small Business - 3.0 Mbps / 3.0 Mbps
            Medium Business - 6.0 Mbps / 6.0 Mbps
            Large Business - Up to 45+ Mbps
            *Custom Plans - Give us a call

Business Wireless Lease Line and Private VPN's.

            Lease Line Access - 1.544 Mbps / 1.544 Mbps
            Lease Line Access - 3.0 Mbps / 3.0 Mbps
            Lease Line Access - 6.0 Mbps / 6.0 Mbps
            Lease Line Access - 12 Mbps+ / 12 Mbps+

High Capacity Point to Point Network Access Options include:

            HC-Lease Access - 22 Mbps / 22 Mbps
            HC-Lease Access - 45 Mbps / 45 Mbps
            Super-HC Lease Access - 100+ Mbps / 100+ Mbps
            Super-HC Lease Access - Up to Gig-E and beyond!

High Capacity Access is available in most of Southern Oregon and parts of Northern California.
Please contact us at (541) 471-0142 to discuss your High Capacity needs. Or send an email to
hcaccess@outreachinternet.com and tell us a little bit about your access needs and locations.


Other products and services

Dial-up Internet access starting at $6.99 a month for your first 3-Months and only $8.99 thereafter.
Web accelerator is available on all dial-up accounts for an additional $2.oo per month.

Dial-up Plans:

        Standard Dial-up Access - $8.99
        Accelerated Dial-up - $10.99
        ISDN Access - $19.99

All rates are monthly.
Accelerated Dial-up requires small software download.
ISDN Access requires ISDN service.

Start a Light or Basic web hosting account for only $3.99 for the first 3 months!

Hosting Packages:

       Light Hosting - $4.99
            Includes 500Mb Space
            1 Domain Email Account
       Basic Hosting - $7.99
            Includes 2Gb Space
            5 Domain Email Accounts
       Mid-Level Hosting - $12.99
            5Gb Space
            25 Domain Email Accounts
            Daily Backups

       Advanced Hosting - $24.99
            Unlimited Space
            Unlimited Email Accounts
            Bi-hourly Backups

       Dedicated Server - $54.99
            Dedicated Intel or AMD Servers
            Your Choice of Linux or Windows OS
            Remote Assistance 24-Hour a Day!

All rates are monthly.
All plans require that you accept our Terms of Service.